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13 Oktober @ 8:00 pm - 14 Oktober @ 8:00 pm

65€ – 95€

Friday 13 October 19:30-Open end

Language: German/English

Doors Open: 19:15

Doors Close: 19:45

🚫Entry not possible after 19:45

🕯️ Consent Workshop 20:00-23:00

🔥 Sensual Connection Party 23:30-Open End

Exit: 8:00am 16 October

Self-selected contribution €95-65.

Location: Connecting Space Bonn in Bonn Altstadt

Never been to a sensual event, but excited to be in that type of environment? 

Looking to meet and engage with new people in the Bonn area who are interested in respectful, sensual connection? 🕊️ 

Join us for an evening of vulnerability and honesty as we get to know one another through sharing thoughtful touch, practicing respectful boundary setting, and discovering ourselves and one another in a cozy and sensual setting 🕯️ 

In this intimate cuddle nest, you will be guided through connection exercises to create a safe space for gentle, physical touch, such as cuddling, hugging, caressing, kissing, and intimate touch based on open and direct communication. 

Nudity and sexual energy is welcome. 

Please no:

🚫 Sexism

🚫 Drugs or alcohol

🚫 Penetration

Light tea and vegan snacks will be provided ✨Please have dinner before arrival 🙏

You can exit the workshop and/or party at any time.

Open to all genders & sexual orientations, explicitly also LGBTQ+.

I do my best to create content outside of cis & heteronormative basic assumptions. Feedback is invited.

For more information and to register, please message me @shaystarlight .

I look forward to connecting with you soon, 

Shay ✨


13 Oktober @ 8:00 pm
14 Oktober @ 8:00 pm
65€ – 95€


Connecting Space Bonn
Adolfstrasse 66
Bonn, 53111 Deutschland
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